What’s Sciatica? It is a type of persistent pain which is felt throughout the sciatic nerve route. It runs all the way from the lower back down to the area of the feet. This nerve control the leg muscles and gives sensation to the legs, thighs and the bottom area of the feet. Sciatica takes place most often in individuals between the age of thirty to fifty. This is typically cause by continuous use of certain activities, such as long-term sitting, or usual wear & tear. This is rarely caused by acute injuries.


The sciatica pain may sometimes be quite debilitating that it can get so bad that it may be hard for one to walk, sit or even get a good night’s sleep. Some individuals even experience tingling sensations while others only experience a specific dull ache. Sometimes, it may be a burning kind of sensation. Sciatic nerve pain is typically caused by that nerve getting irritated or pinched in the lower back or in the lumbar spine. This nerve then becomes inflamed and leads to various symptoms that may wreak havoc within one’s own lifestyle.


The foremost conservative kind of sciatica treatment includes ice application. We personally recommend laying flat with 2 pillows underneath the knees and simply apply a bag of ice to the lower back region for about 15 minutes. This may be repeated hourly if required. It is essential to keep in mind that you must put the ice for over 20 minutes at a time, since this may aggravate your personal condition. Putting ice on the problematic source may decrease your nerve inflammation and ultimately lower the pain. Though this can be a short-term solution, it definitely provides a certain degree of relief.


Manipulation of your spine in order to relieve nerve pressure has been shown in various studies to be one of the leading treatments for solving sciatic pain. Manipulation is the ideal place to begin when somebody experiences sciatic nerve pain. It’s a drug-free, non-invasive treatment solution. The goal of this manipulation is to basically realign the spinal bones, thereby taking off pressure from that specific nerve. When the pressure of the nerve gets alleviated, one typically finds much improved with less inflammation and pain.