When our nerve pain organization began a few years ago, our primary goal was to raise awareness and strong legitimacy to all types of nerve pain, as well as to provide essential support and reach to millions of people who are suffering alone due to this horrible condition.

Over the years, our community grew exponentially, together with our growing experience and knowledge of the pervasiveness and complexities of the global nerve pain epidemic. We have expanded way beyond patients with all kinds of neuropathy, along with their family members, health professionals, and caregivers who are all dedicated to effectively help them. We have reached out to the media in order to ensure that they fully understand the extreme difficulties that this community faces due to the lack of extensive information on the topic. Our ultimate target has been and still is for, through education, research, and increased awareness, to provide further information on how to effectively treat, prevent and also cure the various types of nerve pain that exist today.

We take much pride in all that we have managed to accomplish throughout our existence. Despite the fact that our search for a full cure goes on, we have managed to find various highly effective products which are finally able to provide great relief to nerve pain sufferers. Our advocacy work has results in numerous beneficial results to the nerve pain suffering community.


With so many people struggling in the nerve pain community and with fresh times, also rises the need for fresh approaches to tackling this problem. It has become our primary mission to provide useful information on the topic of nerve pain, including effective treatments and solutions to relieving this problem. We, unlike other websites out there, provide nothing but honest data and make sure that all info provided is backed by thorough research. We don’t care about money or revenue, the only thing in our mind is to help your nerve pain condition by providing quality content.


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